The building process

iStock_000004801726XSmallTime Frame is an estimation & variations may occur

Settlement:   1 week to prepare for submission to council

In Council:   Submitted to council 4-6 weeks approx

Site works:   1 – 2 weeks

Slab:   1 – 2 weeks

Framing:   1 – 2 weeks

Lock Up:   3 – 4 weeks

Fixing:   3 – 4 weeks

Practical Completion:   2 – 3 weeks

Hand Over:   2 – 3 weeks


All jobs are dependent on trade and/or material availability and weather permitting but time frame from site prep/cut through to practical completion inspection is approximately 20 weeks.

During the construction period the builder will contact you with regular updates – we will also contact you periodically during the time with updates of the building stages and check if you have any queries or concerns.

The builder is paid in stage payments (refer to the house contract – Schedule 2 Progress Payments) The builder will send you a tax invoice for each stage of the building and you will need to forward this to your lender who will then forward you a Drawdown Request Form to sign. Once this has been signed and returned to the lender they will release payment to the builder.