Why choose us?

The success of our business is best measured by the satisfaction of our clients. Here’s what they have to say about us:

This is our first investment property and we knew it would be beneficial but also very daunting.

The process was explained very thoroughly, the support was excellent and the photos from the builder were a good idea.

The house rented within a week of being completed which was great.

K Campbell


My wife and I were always interested in property investment, but didn’t envision it happening so early. We have only been married for 3 years.

It was quite daunting at first because the property was interstate and it felt out of our control. But throughout the early stages we were assured there was a cooling off period in which time we did as much research as we could.

From start to finish, Optima were very informative explaining to us what was going to happen every step of the way.

They were very organised and well structured. Overall a very professional job and I highly recommend them.

Simon & Sarah Farrugia


We always wanted to invest but we were not sure if we could do it. As this was our first time investing in property we were both scared thinking we couldn’t do it but Optima was great in explaining the process as we were asking questions all the time!

Buying the investment from so far away was a lot easier than we thought and even though we couldn’t see the house in person they went through every detail and we were sent photos from start to finish by the builder so we were keep up to date throughout the whole process.

We were extremely surprised when the house rented within a week of completion and the rental manager was great.

We would definitely consider buying a second property with Optima and we will be recommending them to our friends and colleagues.

Laura & Sandro Forlano


This was our first investment property so we felt very daunted by the idea but we were reassured and Optima explained everything really well. The photos and updates from the builder were really good and the house rented really quickly.

We are very happy with the service Optima provided. I don’t believe we would have taken the plunge into investment property without Optima’s help.

Duncan & Lynn Ward


As first time property investors it was reassuring that the Optima consultants took a lot of time to reassure us that this was the right investment for us. Any concerns or question were answered efficiently and promptly.

It was really easy to buy the investment property from a distance I am really pleased with the decision that we made. The communication and the photo’s from the builder were excellent and the house rented very quickly.

Andrew & Giulia Kareta


We decided long ago that we had to do something with our spare money but never got around to doing anything we just spent it on nothing. We really wanted to invest in property but we weren’t sure how to go about it.

When Optima approached us and explained the process and ease in which things should happen we thought it was too good to be true. We nearly didn’t do it because it sounded too easy. We found the whole process from start to finish was way easier than we expected and any issues were quickly and easily resolved

Optima Homes were very professional in all dealing and communications with us and regular photos and updates were supplied on a weekly basis once the building began.

We thought doing this from 700 k”s away would cause some issues but with e-mails and scanners the paperwork ends up easier to keep in a folder on the computer and is a breeze to find and send when needed. We flew down when the building was near complete and met with our rental manager who happened to be showing people through the property while we were there and signed a contract on the day so we were happy the place was rented out before it was even finished.

We would recommend Optima and all their associates to anybody as they all seem in sync with each other and easily sort out any queries we had. Best of all it ends up that we still get to spend that spare money on nothing as my tax pays all the extra payments which the rent doesn’t cover.

Brad & Rebecca Flesser


The main reason I became interested in investment properties was to save for my retirement and help lower my current tax.

This was my first property investment and at first it was very scary as I’m a single parent with two children at high school and was not sure I should be doing anything other than concentrating getting through high school. However, I felt that optima explained the process of property investing very well – all my questions were either answered just by listening to the presentation or answered when I asked.

I was never made to feel I had asked something that was silly or that I should know the answer as Optima had already provided the information. Everyone has been more than happy and courteous to give me the time to explain the process no matter how many questions I have had.

They also explained the benefits to investing in property and if I thought of something later or was not 100% sure of the information it was no trouble to either phone or email to get an update at any stage

I felt reassured throughout the process and everyone I have had contact through this process have been wonderful from all the staff at Optima, to the Builders and the Real Estate agents renting the property. Even the council there has been great!

Heather Bryan


We became interested in investment properties for tax reduction and something for the future and we were really interested in the benefits.

Optima explained everything from start to finish including the finance, rental details, the building process and tax deductions which was really helpful.

We were surprised at how easy it was to buy an investment property from a distance and the property was rented two weeks before completion.

We would definitely recommend Optima to our friends and family.

Mr & Mrs Bastian


Would like to pass on our thanks to Optima for all the assistance we have received over the past 9 or so months to get to this stage.

Peter did not leave us with any expectations that were not met, and it is fair to say that the Optima team assisted in getting us in contact with other reliable professionals who worked well to help achieve our goals.

We were surprised and pleased that the optima team followed our progress right through the building and up to the rental stage. One of you were always there to answer any question we had along the way, or if needed, to find out the answers.

We have been able to start up a property investment portfolio in a relatively stress free manner, even though we live hundreds of kilometres from the property.

Well done, and rest assured, we will continue to pass on information to others who are interested. Many thanks!

Diane Degney